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Microscope Packing & Shipping Instructions

1.      Disassemble equipment into sub- assemblies if possible.

2.      Put microscope and or separate components into plastic bags and seal them.

3.      Wrap tape over the bags so the eyepieces do not fall out of the microscope.

4.      Wrap bagged and sealed microscope in layers of bubble-wrap so that no hard surfaces can be felt.  Do this for each piece of equipment which is to be shipped.

5.      Put the bubble wrapped microscope and parts in a box at leat 3-4 times the volume of all the pieces. As a minimum, when the box is packed, there should be at least 3 inches from the outside of the box to any of the items inside. Boxes are available at Staples, Mail boxes etc, K-mart, Wallgreens etc.

6.      Fill box approximately 4 inches deep with peanuts or equivalent packaging material.  Place bubble-wrapped components into box away from the sides.

7.      Fill the remaining space in the box with peanuts or equivalent packaging material and pack it in around the components and sides firmly.

8.      Seal box tightly with good quality packing tape. Tape all seams and around several areas to ensure it will not come apart.

9.      Label the box “fragile” on the sides and top. Lable “This Side Up” on the top.

10.  Insure the package for replacement cost of the equipment being shipped. If you are not sure of the costs or have any questions as to the value of a microscope, please call us before shipping.

11.  For any high power specialty microscopes, the “foam-in-place” method of packing and boxing is best and should be used. Many commercial shippers provide this service. Please call us before shipping these types of units.

12.  Tool scopes and microscopes with large stages may need to have the stage removed or securely locked in place prior to shipping. This varies by manufacture. Please call us before disassembling and shipping.

13.  Measuring microscopes (Nikon, Olympus, Leitz, Zeiss, Mitutoyo) must be handled carefully by trained personal or damage may occur during shipping and handling.  Stages should be locked in place to prevent movement using the correct lockdown hardware from the manufacture. 

14.  “CAUTION IMPORTANT” Please contact us before removing, locking or shipping these types of scopes. We can supply at low cost the necessary hardware and instructions.

 ** OPTEKUSA.COM assumes no liability for safe shipping and or handling of any microscopes or equipment to our facility.  These instructions are only for reference to aid in safe packaging of equipment to be shipped. Always insure your equipment for the full replacement cost. Insurance is cheep in relation to the cost of replacement. UPS and Fedex both offer insurance for a few bucks. We recommend shipping by Fedex.

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