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Leica microscopes and accessories are of excellent construction and durability Leica has a long running history of quality and high performance microscopes. Most models are available in a variety of configurations with boom stands, trans-illuminated stands etc...A variety of accessories is available including objective lenses, ring lights, cameras, eyepieces to suite your needs.

MS5 - with five-step magnification changer is a most flexible microscope. The MS5 is designed to provide ergonomic, fatigue-free working. Magnifications up to 320x. Field diameters up to 104.2mm . Working distances of up to 297mm . Choice of achromatic, planachromatic and planapochromatic objectives.
MZ APO - with 100% apochromatic correction throughout the image-forming optics. High performance makes it ideal for specialists involved in quality control, R & D, Medicine and biology. 10:1 zoom. Magnifications to 512x. Resolution to 600 line-pairs / mm. The entire imaging system is apochromatically corrected. Planapochromatic objectives correct the field, so that flat objects are imaged uniformly flat within the entire field of view.
 MZ FLIII - fluorescence stereomicroscope with integrated fluorescence system opens up new possibilities for research of fluorescing specimens in medicine, biology, and forensics. Choice of filters for various fluorescence techniques . 12.5:1 zoom
MZ 12.5 - stereomicroscope with 12.5:1 zoom provides crisp, clear and sharp images.  Bright and sharp, even the smallest features reveal the most minute detail. High-performance stereomicroscope with 12.5:1 zoom. Magnifications up to 640x. Resolution up to 600 line-pairs / mm. Motor focus for repetitive tasks.  
MZ 9.5 - high-performance stereomicroscope features an advantageous 9.5:1 zoom ratio and magnifications up to 480x. The high resolution up to 300 line pairs per millimeter, extremely high image contrast and amazing sharpness offer the ultimate in image fidelity and data transfer for critical inspection applications. 9.5 : 1 zoom. Magnification up to 480x. Resolution up to 600line-pairs / mm. Field diameter up to 104mm. Motor focus for repetitive tasks.  
MZ 7.5 - high-performance stereomicroscope with 7.9:1 zoom offers leading-edge optical technology at an affordable price. 9.5 : 1 zoom. Magnification up to 400x. Resolution up to 492 line-pairs / mm. Field diameter up to 104mm. Motor focus for repetitive tasks. Achromatic, planachromatic and planapochromatic objectives available. Magnification range from 6.3x to 50x  
MZ 6 - modular stereomicroscope with 6.3:1 zoom with a 6.3x to 40x magnification ratio. The basic instrument can be equipped for every sort of documentation with the photomicrographic system, integrated video module, or a digital imaging system. 6.3:1 zoom. Magnification up to 320x. Field diameter up to 104.2mm. Working distance of up to 297mm. Choice of achromatic, planachromatic and planapochromatic objectives
S4 E - (4.8:1 zoom) with standard magnification of 6.3x - 30x is the basic model of the Stereo zoom line. Equipped with the Greenough optical system it is ideal for quality inspection, assembly, OEM integration, and laboratory use, to exacting research and development tasks. 4.8:1 zoom ratio. Standard magnification 6.3x - 30x. 38 viewing angle. Large field of view - 36.5mm. Working distance 110mm. 6 achromatic supplemental objectives. List Price USD$ 1201.00
S6 E - with a 6.3:1 zoom ratio and standard magnification of 6.3x - 40x. The design allows for long periods of viewing for tasks such as production assembly, inspection and general lab work. Ergo design and robust construction assure long trouble free life. 6.3:1 zoom. Standard magnification of 6.3x - 40x. 38 ergonomic viewing angle. Adjustable magnification stops. Large field of view  - 36.5mm. Working distance 110mm. 6 achromatic supplemental objectives. List Price USD$ 1490.00
 S6 D - with 6.3:1 zoom ratio and standard magnification of 6.3x - 40x is the documentation model of the Stereo Zoom line with integrated photo/video port. An affordable documentation solution for manufacturing, quality control, assembly, OEM integration, lab use and many others. 6.3:1 zoom. Magnification 6.3x - 40x. Integrated video/photo port 0% / 100%. 38 viewing angle. Large 36.5mm field of view. Working distance 110mm. Adjustable zoom stops. List Price USD$ 1906.00
S8 APO - is the star of the stereo zoom line offering an 8:1 zoom and a standard magnification of 10x - 80x. The S8 APO is ideal for exacting applications. The integrated video-/phototube allows for use of digital cameras, CCD cameras and film cameras as required. Built-in 1.0x Apochromatic objective. Apochromatic auxiliary objectives. Maximum resolution 600 Lp/mm. Working distance 75 mm. Integrated video/photo port (0 % / 100%). 38 viewing angle. Adjustable zoom stops.  List Price USD$ 3979.00
 ZOOM 2000: The Zoom 2000 is an ideal stereo zoom microscope for training and classroom use. It provides excellent image quality, rugged construction and a tamperproof design to provide years of trouble free use. Three way illumination system, transmitted, reflected or both at the same time. Two standard models 7x-30x and 10.5x-40x.
 The L2 Cold Light Source is bright, compact in design and mounted on the stand to provide un-interupted access to the microscope. Standard lighting with one or two armed light guides. Constant color temp of 3200degrees K. Long life bulb. No noise or vibration during operation. Attachments for coaxial, vertical, and transmitted lighting are available.



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